Ok, so if you are here you obviously are the lucky parent of one or more pups and obviously you are searching for ways to keep your pet and the surroundings as clean as possible.


Here we are, offering you 3 great tips for cleaning up after your dog and for preventing your dog to make a mess!


#1 Get A Food Mat


Yes! Why didn' you think of this before? Don't worry... most of us thought of this only so many years after rubbing and cleaning the floor, trying to eliminate the smell and the stains of wet dog food.


Buying a food mat for your pet takes so much work away of your hands! The mat cleans so easily & sometimes you have to shake it once or twice and it's as clean as new.


Your pet will have a blast eating in a clean and healthy place!


#2 Have Dog Walking Kit by The Front Door


Or by the back door. It really doesn't matter as long as you are keeping your dog walking kit at hand!

What do we mean by dog walking kit? According to weather, place and other external details:

  • pet waste bags

  • pet waste bags dispenser

  • paw wipes

Keeping all of these accessible you make sure that there will not be any muddy paws on your porche or dog poop on the groud for somebody to step on it or for bad smells to occur.


You can always consider the UPGORILO dog waste bags! Not only they are big and thick enough to cover your entire hand and make the awkward moment pass really quick and unnoticed.

They come in cute little boxes that can be placed wherever around your house and dispense easily so you have them at hand in times of need.


If the space permits, you can always think of investing in a bag dispenser that allows you to place three poopy bag rolls inside at once, reducing maintenance time and keeping the bags under the lock and protected from harsh weather.


#3 Have A Sofa With Washable Covers


Last but not least... the sofa covers!


We don't know about you, but we love keeping our pups near as much as possible so washable covers are a must!


It's so cool and entertaining when your dog comes jumping and playing around, throwing away pillows and gathering the blanket under its feet, while dripping in a funny way.... but the reality hits in when everything will start to smell bad over time.


Oh... and let's not talk about how much hair the sofa could gather or about the scartches and marks on one of those leather couches.


By having washable covers on your sofa, you exclude all the unpleasant problems that would have come in time and you can have fun with your dog, snuggle or sleep together, worry free!


Just like kids, pets can get a little too messy sometimes so we came up with the best 3 tips for cleaning up after your dog that we found essential and tought would be super helpful for you too!


What else do you think it's important to do to keep a healthy and clean environment for your pets and your family leaving together?


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