It's a sunny Sunday afternoon, you and your dog are enjoying the daily walk around the neighbourhood or around the park.


The sun is shining, the wind is gently running through your hair and the flowers smell amazing.... everything is a blast, untill the inevitable happens.


The nature calls for your dog and you are standing there, waiting for him to finish his business. What next?


You either clean it up or you pass by. There are so many people that go with option two! But we strongly enourage everyone to keep in mind the one and only option which should always be the first one - cleaning up after their pups!


Why it's so important to clean up after your dog?



The obvious - ruined shoes and carrying out the smell everywhere. The thing is that the dogs poop it's not coming off easily from the sole of the shoes and neither is the smell.


So picking it up right away leaves a clean space behind and also eliminates the posssibility for somebody stepping on it.


Parasites and diseases - this is one of the many important reasons why we have to be responsible for what we are walking away from.


Not picking up after our dogs is not only a problem of aesthetics but it's also a source of spreading diseases.


Just think about it. Your dog smelling the waste left on the ground from another dog and getting sick out of the blue!


One of the most contagious and aggressive illnesses that can befall a dog is parvovirus. The exposure to a sick pet’s stool can put a puppy or unvaccinated dogs ar risk.


Most of the parasites can spread between animals and people - which again can be worst than it sounds because depending on your immune system, you can find yourself sick and it's only because of an unhealthy environment, such as parks for dogs that haven't been cleaned, but it can also be from bringing on the soles of your shoes dog waste, in the house.


To encourage more pet friendly places - many parks, venues, hotels and other fun people places are equipped with a No Dogs Allowed sign and policy.


By being a more responsible pet owner, you can ecurage others to be just like you. This way you can change the etiuqette, transforming some of the "no pets" establishments into welcoming, pet friendly places because of the simple courtesy and responsibility of well-mannered pet owners.


More pet friendly, clean places, more happy pet owners!


And since we've been going over the most important reasons why it is a must to clean after your pup in public places, we gotta tell you about this dog waste station that would make your life so much easier and your neighbours so greatful!


It comes in all shapes so you can choose the one that fits your needs best. Another cool feature is that the big, easy to read signage glows in the dark so it makes it even easier to grab a poopy bag even at dawn.


There's more! You will also get 600 dog waste bags and if you think about ordering the big dog waste station with a trash can, you will get 50 can liners.


Read more about it here.