Happy pup, happy life! Don't you agree?


Animals are so simple and yet so complicated when it comes to understanding their not so obvious needs or their language.


Don't you feel a bit of frustration when he tries talking to you like is a life or death matter and you can't seem to understand? But we can compensate this communication problem by trying to keep out pups happy at all times.


In this article, we've put together a list of 5 secrets to make your dog happy so you'll be armed in times of need with some of the best ways to wag its tail!


#1 Have Some Cuddle Time


Who doesn't like coming home after a long day and getting cosy with their dog?

We sure do!


Cuddling on the couch or bed - if your four-footed friend is allowed, of course -

is a nice way to get your dog to settle down and relax, feeling protected after missing you all day.



#2 Take Your Dog For a Swim


Or for a hike! Dogs love being active. Exploring and sniffing new places is what they enjoy the most since birth.


If your dog loves the water, you can plan a trip to your local beach or lake for a fun outing on a torrid summer day. A nice swim it's the perfect excercise for them, especially for the older dogs and would feel amazing to help them cool down a little.


A tired dog is a happy dog!


#3 Keep Treats Handy


Not only because they deserve it, because they always do! But because a treat a day, keeps the sadness away!


We take dogs for granted, thinking they are always happy and joyful, but they have their ups and downs too and sometimes can get moody.


It's great to always have a treat at hand for them. Evertime your dog does something good or feels a little down, you can put a smile on his face right away!


#4 Switch Up Your Walking Routine


Even we get bored, always walking on the old pats... imagine our furry friends! Smelling and seeing the same alley, same dogs, same people everyday can get a little dull in time.


Your dog will be so excited visiting new places and smelling new spots! Just watch him roaming here and there in joy, getting all restless!


Ever tried following your dog to see where he wants to wander? We think it would be a fun and new experience for the both of you!


#5 Give Your Dog a Job


As harsh as it can sound, even your dog needs to have a purpose! This keeps their energy at a high level and the fact that they are doing something for you or that they are somehow in a mission keeps them active!


You can teach your dog small stuff like fetching a stick, or bringing you the newspaper. It doesn' have to be energy consuming or hard for them to learn, but it's important that they have one more reason to feel important and appreciated.


Have we managed to give you some cool ideas for keeping your furry friends happy?


What is your secret to having a joyful pet?


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