Struggling with your storage space? Every one of us was in this situation at least one.


We are always gathering things - some we really need, some... not necessarily - but what do we do when we have to store them?


We came up with 5 clever ideas that we'd like to share with those of you that, just like us, are always in need of more and more space!


1. "Hide 'em away" storage

As we were saying... we all love things: clothes, shoes, scrapbooks, books, toys for the kids... but the snag is that they take up a whole bunch of space. The answer? Hide ‘em!
Hiding your stuff doesn’t have to look ugly and we're not talking about "under the bed" kind of hiding also. Head down to your convenience store and get some smart storage solutions that can also double up your space!

2. Hang your stuff on the wall

When you're thinking about storage in your small apartment, you have to get creative and of course thrifty.
Hang everything on the walls - ok, not really everything - try keeping it clean and good looking.
You will be amazed at how much space you save, and with the right creative eye, how good it looks!

3. Put shelves wherever you can

Shelves, exactly! These are the secret weapon in your personal storage war. Maybe you have an empty wall or a corner that you've never thought of using.
There are lots of great ideas that you can find online, also easy to put into practice.
Start your research and solve those storage problems right away!

4. What about Double-Duty Furniture?

Pieces that can work in a variety of ways are a great fit for small-space storage. In a small apartment or studio, this can be your perfect choice!
In the evening you can have a full bedroom, with a queen-size bed and maybe two nightstands, while in the daylight your room changes into a spacious living room.

5. Use foldable chairs & tables

Aren't you already using them? These are so great because you can unfold them anytime you have guests over or holding any type of gathering!
You can also consider buying yourself a chair & table cart so you can keep all of your needed pieces in one place, easy to get out and store back in.
It's also a great addition to free up a lot of space in your garage or in any storage closet.



So, did we managed to bring... maybe just a little light to all your storage struggles? We hope your answer is yes!

Our team wishes you luck and lots of creative puffs so you can start resolving those little storage problems & taking them out of your mind ASAP!
Best regards,